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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you really the girl in the pictures?

I am flattered that I get asked this so often but I can assure you that they are really of me!
It is not in my interest to want to disappoint you, as I hope that we will get on and meet again in the future.

What is the best way to contact you?

I prefer our initial contact to be done via email with an introduction about yourself. From this I will judge whether I feel safe with meeting you, so please be as detailed as you can. Please assure also that the information will not be passed on to any third part and that it is purely for my safety only. If you would like me to call you please also include your number with the best time for me to ring. If you would like to call me directly, then that is fine. Please leave me a message with a little about yourself and when is the best time to call you back. Please note I do not answer my phone due to the amount of time wasters so if you would like to talk you must leave a message.

When are you available?

I am a full time student which takes up a certain amount of time, that's why I prefer meetings at weekends and evenings.

I am only interested in a few dates a month so appreciate it if you can give me as much notice as possible.

Are you Discreet?

Discretion is as important to me as it is for you and I am only interested in meeting with you if you keep our meeting together to yourself.

What sort of Clientele do you prefer

I am a sweet, well-mannered, kind girl and I do not like people that are rude or arrogant. I am human and therefore if you treat me kindly I am going to be even keener to please you. I like to meet gentlemen that are looking for a bit of special time for themselves and those that are looking for some added excitement to take their mind of other things in their lives. As you get to know me you will begin to realize that I am incredibly trust worthy and hopefully then you will be able to feel completely relaxed in my company.

How much notice do you need?

The more notice I have the more likely I can be available at the time you request.

Are you available for travel?

Yes, but I would require

* Some sort of proof of ID such as an email from your business website or a company phone number
* Return Flight tickets booked for me so I can pick them up from the airport
* Hotel Booking Reference
* And obviously an email with details about yourself and your plan for our time spent together

Where do you travel?

  I travel around Slovakia (mostly Bratislava), the Czech Republic(mostly Prague and Brno) and Austria (Vienna). I always require your full name and a Hotel Booking Reference. 

For travelling outside these countries I need in addition some sort of proof of ID such as an email from your business website or a company phone number, return flight tickets booked for me or I am happy to book the flight tickets for myself after the funds are transferred into my account.